The law firm of Ridge & McLaughlin provides highly effective and zealous representation throughout Western Pennsylvania, as well as other jurisdictions throughout the United States. We believe in dedication to our clients, and also to our community. We have a proven track record of success in the areas of criminal defense, civil litigation, including medical malpractice, and also have the ability to provide quality legal services in other diverse areas of the law.

Although our main focus is litigation, Ridge & McLaughlin have the ability to offer high quality legal services for clients ranging from white collar criminal defendants, to individuals injured in accidents, as well as to small companies and corporations who have specific legal and litigation needs.

The lawyers and staff at Ridge & McLaughlin are also directly involved in the Northwestern Pennsylvania community. The members of Ridge & McLaughlin serve on various boards for non-profit organizations, charitable organizations, local committees and also serve as coaches and mentors for the young people in the community.

For specific information about the areas of law that each of our partners practice, please review the attorney profiles.